24 September 2016 solo opening –Exposition in Huis voor de Kunst Veendam

25 September 2016 solo opening – Exposition in Gallery 238 Amsterdam.

Nadere informatie:

1 April – 5 June 2016
Museum Martena,
 at the De Klassieke Salon, Zelfportretten. Download poster.

10 – 17 April 2016
My latest paintings can be seen at ART BREDA 2016 is the third edition and exhibition of contemporary art, antiques and design. This quality fair in a beautiful pavilion on the Chasséveld in Breda.

21 – 24 January 2016
In the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, for the thirtheenth time the art fair REALISME is being held, the art fair dedicated to present-day figurative art.
Paintings made by me will be on display in the stand of the Collectie Harms Rolde.

22 – 29 November 2015 
stand 33, from the Collection of Harms Rolde, will be two panels on display from the series of seven religiously tinted paintings, namely Sarah and Hagar. These paintings are depicted in the art magazine Collect, November 2015 edition.

5 – 12 April 2015
ART BREDA art, antiques and design, Chasséveld in Breda.
Open daily from 11.00 till 19.00. Evening opening on Wednesday 8 April until 21:00  

15 – 18 January 2015 from 11.00 – 19.00
the exhibition of contemporary figuration, stand 1, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA), Piet Heinkade 27 (next to Central Station)  

8 January – 8 April 2015
Solo exhibition Focus on an emerging body of work in the exhibition hall of Hotel American, Leidsekade 97, Amsterdam. 
Grand opening on January 8 at 19:00 by Jean Pierre Rawie and Sam Drukker, afterwards open during office hours until 8 April  

22 November & 23 November t/m 30 November 2014
PAN opening by invitation on Saturday 22 November. Fair open from Sunsay 23 November until 20 November 2014.  

28 September 2014 from 11.00
Event at  Castle Marquette in Heemskerk, Marquettelaan 34. Download PDF  

July 11th up until September 7th 2014
Gallery Den Andel | Group exposition “Nieuw Licht” (=”New Light)  

May 7th up until May 11th 2014, from 11.00 to 18:00
Collection Harms Rolde in Rolde, Hoofdstraat 38  

March 16th 2014 from 11.00 to 18.00
in the historic Manor De Klinze in Oudkerk / Aldtsjerk. Download invitation  

February 2nd up until March 2nd 2014
Gallery Bonnard Nuenen  

January 15th – 19th 2014
Realism The fair for contemporary Figuration, represented by Kunsthandel Collectie Harms Rolde  

November 24th up until December 1st 2013
PAN Amsterdam, represented by Kunsthandel Collectie Harms Rolde  

October 5th 2013 from 17.00 to 20.00
Gallery Chikabee vernissage,  

October 4th 2013
Gallery MEAM, Barcelone el concurso FIGURATIVAS 2013  

September 8th up until November 10th 2013
Gallery Den Andel “Een feest voor het oog” (= “A feast for the eye”)